About DSAQ

The Down Syndrome Association of Queensland is a registered charity established by parents in 1976. Staffed by a small, dynamic team of full-time and part-time staff, DSAQ provides a range of services and supports throughout the large and diverse state of Queensland. The team is supported by a number of wonderful volunteers including a Management Committee made up entirely of volunteer parents with services funded through grants, sponsorships, donations, membership fees and fundraising. 

...More alike than different.

The Association is committed to upholding the rights of children and adults with Down syndrome and ensuring that their needs and those of their families are met. Through it's current activities, DSAQ works for a better quality of life for people with Down syndrome by supporting and strengthening families and promoting positive and realistic images of people with Down syndrome.

DSAQ works for the recognition and inclusion of people with Down syndrome as valuable members of the community. Our vision is for people with Down syndrome to have access to appropriate resources and supports in order to reach their full potential. We recognise and celebrate that people with Down syndrome are contributing to the world in a variety of ways. Some are pursuing sporting interests, enjoying hobbies and learning new skills. Others are expressing themselves through music, drama, dance, public speaking and art. Some have impressive computer skills and are always up to date with the latest technology, while others are bookworms and love to write. Many go to work with varying levels of support, some prefer to volunteer and others are continuing their education. Just like everybody else, people with Down syndrome are individuals, and most importantly, just like everybody else, they all deserve respect.   

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