When we are supporting the person with Down syndrome to plan for their future, we want to ensure that they can be as independent as possible and are able to live a meaningful adult life.  Holding down a long-term job that the person enjoys, can have both positive and beneficial outcomes.  These can include:

Financial independence
Developing an understanding of workplace environments and         expectations
Developing new or building on existing skills/knowledge
Increasing self-esteem and confidence
Creating a great network of relationships

Maintaining employment can provide many valuable opportunities and allows the person to make a contribution to their local community.  There are a number of resources and services available to assist the person with Down syndrome to pursue employment.  Some of the employment assistances that are available include:

Disability Employment Service (DES) providers
Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)
Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support (DAAWS)
Job In Jeopardy Assistance
Supported Wage System
Wage Subsidies
Workplace Modifications

Useful Downloads and Links

  • Centrelink
    To find out more about the employment assistance options available from Centrelink.
  • Australian JobSearch
    To find a Disability Employment Provider in your local area.
  • Department of Employment
    The Department of Employment works to provide people from all backgrounds with access to services and support to help them overcome barriers and develop the required skills to gain employment and participate in society.
  • Job Access
    JobAccess is an information and advice service that offers help and workplace solutions for people with disability and their employers.
  • Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)
    To find out more about Australian Disability Enterprises and their locations throughout Australia.

Further Information and Support

For further information and support please contact the team at DSAQ on (07) 3356 6655 or at office@dsaq.org.au

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